This is for the woman who is ready to rise

HerRISING: A transformational leadership school and sisterhood for soulful women… like you! 

As soon as you become a HerRISING member, you’ll get access to the vault (more on that in a second!), plus a monthly leadership exercise and transformation ritual – inspired by the month’s theme and teacher – that you can download as a pdf and do on your own, or lead others through, whenever you choose. The membership site will also store all the information you need about upcoming calls, themes, and leaders, so you can get emotionally and spiritually prepared for what’s coming up next.

There are two calls every month:

The Transformation Circle is held on the New Moon

Global Sisterhood’s incredible leader, Lauren, together with her amazing team AND special guest expert for the month, will take you through ritual every new moon.

These rituals will renew, heals, and supports you in growing and applying your spiritual, intuitive, and manifesting powers in a practical way that you can apply immediately to your life, business, and mission.

In this space of new beginnings, sheltered in a community of soul-centered women, you’ll plant powerful seeds filled with the intentions of what you deeply desire in your life . You’ll have a safe and inspiring place to share your intention with sisters who hold the vision with you, and who help you stay accountable when you feel fear or run into self-sabotage.


The Leadership Circle is held on the Full Moon

This is where you’ll learn from the pioneers, CEOs, authors, and activists who are living a mystically-inspired life while creating revolutionary change in our world. These extraordinary women will give you powerful tools and advice on how to ROCK your mission.

Everything you could ever want to know about feminine leadership, business, speaking, hosting events, getting your mission out into the world, and more… This is where we cover it.

These true women warriors will bare their souls for you, sharing their personal empowerment tools, leadership secrets, life hacks, mastery skills, and methods for being a successful, happy, and empathetic leader. They’ll show you how to ground your gifts in reality, using practical tools to support feminine leadership.