Thank you so much for your passion and for wanting to join the movement. We welcome men and, in fact, we need the support of men for our movement to grow exponentially!

There are different ways you can support, to whatever degree or capacity you feel called to.

-  Share Global Sisterhood's mission with women in your life. Here is a video to get started. You can do this through conversation, sharing on social media, or signing up for our newsletter and then choosing to forward that to women in your life who you feel would benefit from the messages. Send them to our website to find a women's circle near them, or receive free resources to learn how to facilitate one in their own neighborhood!

-   Let women know about our monthly new moon circles. Direct them to our website where they can sign up to join a circle or create one:

On our Facebook group and platform, we maintain membership for female-identified humans, for safety in sharing. However, we are open to ideas on how you would like to participate so we can keep them in mind as we develop more programs in the future! It is paramount to us to build out that part of the mission over time-- conscious masculinity, healed and whole men, are just as important as conscious, healed and whole women.