HerCIRCLE is a monthly membership that provides you with everything you need to facilitate a transformational Sister Circle every month, including never-before-seen resources and a rockstar facilitator community geared around powerfully stepping into your role leading circles.

HerCIRCLE is 100% oriented around Sister Circles. HerRISING was created to be a more hands-on approach to stepping into your potential, and included elements like live calls. HerRISING includes live virtual circles on the new moon and full moon, a backlog of meditations and rituals, gems, interviews, an intimate community of sisters, and support from the Global Sisterhood team.

HerCIRCLE is our cornerstone product because we have taken the lessons from 10,000+ women circles in 90+ countries to create the most powerful resources for facilitators. If you plan on facilitating a group or not,  It is transformational to even go through the process of our product!