STEP 1. If you haven’t already signed up for a username on our website, go to our homepage and click “Sign up” (tan box on the upper right hand side). Fill out the form to create your free GS membership; this step will log you in as well.

STEP 2. Once you are logged in, you’ll be on the Circles landing page ( ). Scrolling down this page, you will find the Toolkit and Guidebook (download these for the in-depth resources on starting your circle), a link to the FB Facilitator group, our map of registered circles,, and a tan button underneath the map that says “Start A Circle.” ( ) Click here to officially register your circle with our system, placing you on our interactive world map (!).

STEP 3. On the registration page you will create a profile for your circle:

  1. Create a name and description for your circle.
  2. Enter the location of your circle-- you can give a general location or a specific address. Either way, your location information is protected and can only be viewed by GS members who you accept into your circle. If you choose to keep a general location posted, women can ask you for location details via the “Contact Facilitator” button on your Circle page. You can edit your location at any time.
  3. Upload a cover image or banner photo for your circle. From here, press “Complete profile and go to My Circle.”

STEP 4. You can check for your circle on the map by returning to the “Circles” page and scrolling down to the interactive map; enter your location into the Search box and your circle will appear as a heart symbol.

STEP 5. Invite women to join your circle by inviting them to your private link (For example, the link to our circle is . They will need to register in our system before they can see your information. To find your personalized link, log into the system, hover over the word “Circles” on the top of the page. Then, click on “My Circles.” You will see the name of your registered circle listed below. Click the name of your circle, and then copy the link in the address bar. This is what you send to invite sisters to your circle. You can also set up a Facebook event with all your event details, and invite sisters using FB.

STEP 6. You can find ALL the monthly resources at "" or by clicking the “Resources” tab in the upper navigation bar.

A note about sustaining your circle for the long run:  At our flagship circle in Austin, TX, we usually ask for a donation to help cover the cost of our meeting space and prep time. This is never a requirement, but it is a good principle of community.

And please do join us on the FB Facilitator group!  It's a rich and fertile resource available to you during your journey.