To share your My Circle page with women who are not already logged into the GS system:  

Invite them to your private link (For example, the link to our circle is They’ll see a red button in the box with your circle name that says “Sign up to Join.” They’ll click the link. They’ll be invited to create an account. Once they login, they will be able to request membership. Then they will be able to join your circle.

To find your personalized link once logged into the system, hover over the word “Circles” on the top of the page. Then, click on “My Circles.” You will see the name of your registered circle listed below. Click the name of your circle, and then copy the link in the address bar. This is what you send to invite sisters to your circle.


Here are a few things you can do to spread the word about your circles:

1. Add your circle to our map if you haven't already, and create Facebook event pages for each event. You are also welcome to share these FB events in our Global Sisterhood Group.

2. Ask for your friends to come to the circles and reach out to them personally, one on one, to see if they would like to share the event or invite friends. They can invite friends either through Facebook events, or by messaging them personally. Personal messages and texts do the best!

3. You can put flyers up in your area to let locals know that your circle is happening. It may reach many women that way who don't know you on Facebook. Think of some places that women may receive the flyer with full attention, including health stores, yoga studios, wellness centers etc.

4. Bring up the sister circles you are doing in conversations you have with people, even with men. They may suggest it to a friend or a partner!