There are two ways:

1. From our website and scroll down to
the bottom of the page and you will see our map. Below the map, click the red box "Find a Circle"


2. From our main page, click "Circles" in the upper navigation bar.

These will both take you to the CIRCLES page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find the map again. 

From here, you enter your location information in the search box for City/State/Country right above the map. Press "Search" and the map should load to show you the nearby circles, indicated by "heart" symbols. If you do not see any red hearts, zoom out on the map using the "+" and "-" functions. Once you find a red heart, click on it.

Now a window should appear with the circle's name and a button that says "Go to Circle page." Once at the Circle page, you can request further details (such as meeting location and times) by clicking the red box "Contact Facilitator." You an also request to join the circle by clicking the red box "Join this circle."